Jan 20, 2023

Elite chefs say kitchen work 'like going to war' - study finds

Chefs working in elite kitchens face "Extreme suffering" to produce award-winning food, a new study suggests. The research, conducted by Cardiff University and Emlyon Business School in France, is based on the anonymous accounts of 62 Michelin Star chefs working in the UK and abroad. Many detailed experiencing physical abuse and bullying from the start of their career, with one junior chef describing how he was "Locked in fridges, punched, and kicked about". Some chefs said they were routinely subjected to endurance tests, like peeling "Up to 150 fresh langoustines every day with our bare hands." Another chef described how his boss "Picked up his bread knife from the middle of the kitchen and just - had it to my neck in front of everyone." In one instance, a chef gave the researcher a tour of back-stage areas of a restaurant, including rooms where chefs lay sleeping on the floor.

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