Feb 16, 2023

Is Disney's magic spell wearing off?

A self-described "Massive" Disney fan who lives near Brighton, says those disappointments won't keep him from cinemas this month, when the franchise's latest - Ant-Man and the Wasp - debuts. That's the kind of commitment that Disney is banking on as it tries to forge a profitable path in a world of falling cinema sales, pay TV cancellations and money-losing online streaming. Despite the risks of alienating some fans, the profit-making potential of a franchise strategy has been proven, says Janet Wasko, professor of media studies at University of Oregon and the author of Disney Inc. "It is in some ways risky, but building on already existing fans and consumers and expanding what possibilities they have to consume - if it's successful, it really can be incredibly profitable," she says. Disney fan Amanda Welch, 29, a subscriber to the firm's streaming platform who has been to Disneyworld more than 10 times, says the company's strategy of going back to its big-hitting brands has done little to dim her love of Disney. "There's not really any Disney movie I'm sick of," Brandon says.

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