Jul 24, 2023

Leeds council homes to be checked for Radon gas risk

Leeds City Council said it was carrying out precautionary checks for radon in local-authority owned homes in the Morley, Middleton and Rothwell areas. Testing is taking place after 9,100 homes were identified as having between a 1% and 5% risk of excessive radon potential. Radon is a naturally occurring, odourless gas which comes from the rocks and soil found everywhere in the UK. According to the UK Health Security Agency the radon level in the air outside is very low but can be higher inside buildings, and exposure to high levels can cause lung cancer. A further 45,000 council homes are believed to have a risk factor of between 0% and 1%. Privately owned properties are not included in the data. Dawn Bailey, the council's chief officer for public health, said high levels of radon were linked to a greater risk of lung cancer, although smoking remains the biggest cause of the disease.

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