Jul 23, 2023

Unilever will let Russia employees be conscripted

Unilever has said it will let Russian employees be conscripted to be sent to Ukraine if they are called up. In a letter to B4Ukraine, which campaigns for companies to cease operating in Russia to hurt its economy, Unilever said it "Absolutely condemns the war in Ukraine as a brutal, senseless act by the Russian state". A spokesperson for the firm declined to say whether any Russian employees had been called up. At least 25,000 Russians have been killed in the war, according to research by the BBC's Russian service and Russian website Mediazona, but other sources put the figure much higher. "One day you're manufacturing ice cream, the next you're gearing up for the front line. You can't say Unilever isn't offering its employees varied work experience," said campaigner Valeriia Voshchevska.

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