Mar 19, 2024

JD Sports ad attracts motorbike safety complaints

JD Sports has come under fire for posting an advert showing motorcyclists wearing trainers - footwear deemed unsuitable for riding a motorbike. Motorcycle groups criticised JD Sports for promoting "Inappropriate" footwear and "Irresponsible" riding. One Facebook user wrote: "This is disgusting!! Nike JD Sports you need to take this down. So many youngsters think it's ok to ride in trainers and tech pants it's soooo not!! Do the right thing and take it down!!". Industry bodies have also chimed in with their concerns about the content of the ad, accusing JD Sports of promoting irresponsible behaviour - especially among younger riders. Paul Morgan from the British Motorcyclists Federation said: "Proper motorcycle boots with reinforced features, that provide adequate protection to the foot and ankle of the rider, are crucial to minimise injuries in the case of accidents."Casual shoes and trainers are entirely inappropriate for riding motorcycles and are likely to shred or slip off in the event of an accident causing significant injury to the rider.

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