Apr 4, 2017

Apple Mac Pro design was a bad bet admits firm

One expert said the latest announcement would reassure graphic designers, video editors, scientists and other power users that Apple was not abandoning them to focus on iPads and iPhones, which outsell the Macs. "I think it was simply untenable for Apple to continue to remain silent on the Mac Pro front," commented the tech blogger John Gruber, who was also invited to the meeting. "[But] if they had released these speed bumps without any comment about the future of the Mac Pro, people would have reasonably concluded that Apple had lost its... mind. On Tuesday, Imagination Technologies - the British designer of GPUs for its smartphones and tablets - revealed that Apple planned to go it alone and design its GPUs in-house. Apple released the last version of its top-end desktop computer way back on 19 December 2013, but opted not to update it at its latest event.

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