Apr 3, 2017

MarketInvoice poaches senior Santander UK manager

Peer-to-peer site MarketInvoice has poached a senior manager from Santander UK to oversee its risk team with a plan to develop artificial intelligence to help expand the business. Peer-to-peer sites believe their advantage over traditional banks is their ability to price risk more accurately. Mr Alexander joins from Santander, where he was head of risk for asset-based lending, managing credit risk across invoice and asset financing. "Much more can be done with the available technology to drive and enhance the quality and speed of risk decisions for UK businesses." Ilya Kondrashov, chief operating office and co-founder of MarketInvoice, said: "As we grow, in handling the scale and volume of interest in the business, it is imperative that we have the resources to deliver on our customer promise whilst delivering the highest-quality risk tools."

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