Sep 27, 2017

IPhone X to use 'black box' anti-spoof Face ID tech

The firm has released a guide to the Face ID system, which explains that it relies on two types of neural networks - one of which has been specifically trained to resist spoofing attempts. While Apple says Face ID should be able to distinguish between a real person's face and someone else wearing a mask that matches the geometry of their features, it will sometimes be impossible to determine what clues were picked up on. Face ID is far from being the first facial recognition system to be built into a mobile device. In publishing its Face ID documentation more than a month ahead of the iPhone X going on sale, Apple is hoping to head off such concerns - particularly since the handset lacks the Touch ID fingerprint sensor found on its other iOS phones and tablets. Face ID data cannot be saved off the device by the user, but some diagnostic data can be shared with Apple if express permission is given.

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