Oct 3, 2017

Tech giants sorry for false news about Las Vegas gunman

Google and Facebook have apologised after their algorithms led to the promotion of inaccurate information about the Las Vegas shooting. Google and Facebook have been criticised several times in the last 12 months for promoting content later found to be false, particularly relating to breaking news events. Both tech giants have announced measures to fight inaccurate news in the last few months. "Google and Facebook are much bigger than any media company now, but they insist that they are not publishers, that they are merely platforms, and as platforms, they don't need to take responsibility for their content," Prof Tim Luckhurst, head of Kent University's Centre for Journalism told the BBC. "Governments create laws that allow broadcasters and newspapers to be sued, so it's up to the government to stand up to these websites and say that if anything relating to terrorism or false information is published, they can be sued." "Google should be only indexing bona fide news sources - it should be straightforward to check what is a bona fide news source and what isn't."

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