Nov 17, 2017

Unilad Facebook account blocked

Facebook appears to have blocked an account for the hugely popular viral news website Unilad. The account which has 34 million followers and posts viral videos and news stories, appears to be inaccessible with any attempt to load the site's Facebook page generating an error message. It is unclear why the account has been down since Friday morning although a second Unilad account has since been created, but in stark contrast to the deleted page, has a mere 18 followers so far. "I reported a post about the rapper Lil Peep, after he passed away, due to vulgar comments," he told the BBC. "I received a message from Facebook at 04.05 GMT saying Unilad's account has been deleted due to violating community standards." "The comments on the post were disgusting, although I do not think Unilad were to blame, more the Facebook users." In October 2016, 17 million people viewed a "Live" feed from the International Space Station on Unilad's Facebook page, but the material appeared to be old footage.

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