Dec 2, 2017

Barclays axes free Kaspersky product as a 'precaution'

Barclays has stopped offering free Kaspersky anti-virus products to its customers following an official warning about Russian security software. Barclays told customers it would no longer offer free Kaspersky software "Following the information that's been shared in the news" - but advised people with the software already installed to take "No action". "We've made the precautionary decision to no longer offer Kaspersky software to new users. However, there's nothing to suggest that customers need to stop using Kaspersky." The 290,000 people who received emails from Barclays are all online banking customers, who had downloaded Kaspersky in the past decade as part of a 12-month trial offered by the bank. A spokesman for Barclays said: "Even though this new guidance isn't directed at members of the public, we have taken the decision to withdraw the offer of Kaspersky software from our customer website."

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