Jan 23, 2018

'Optimism similar to last crisis'

The newfound optimism about the state of the global economy is eerily reminiscent of the lead-up to the last financial crisis, the head of Barclays has warned. Speaking on a panel ominously entitled "The Next Financial Crisis", Mr Staley said that despite an encouraging recovery, "There is something out there in the capital markets". Mr Staley also argued that the next financial shock would not be the fault of banks like Barclays and reiterated his faith in financial regulators. "Today, the political body have told the regulators, I want you to regulate the system so you avoid the next financial crisis." "There really isn't even a Plan A for central banks," he said, adding that although there would be probably be further fiscal stimulus and quantitative easing, "I don't think either would work as well as they did last time".

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