Jan 16, 2018

Product safety flaws 'exposed by Whirlpool danger dryers'

The saga over millions of fire-risk tumble dryers has exposed a wider failure in the UK's product safety system, according to MPs. Whirlpool's response to the defect affecting 5.3 million machines had been "Woeful", the Business Committee said. The committee considered this, and other high-profile fires such as Grenfell Tower, and concluded that there were wider issues over product safety. "These problems go deeper than just one firm. Whirlpool's response has highlighted flaws in the UK's product safety regime which is fragmented and poorly resourced," she said. The Department for Business, Enterprise and Industrial Strategy, said it would "Respond shortly" to the recommendation of a national product safety authority. From consumer group Which?, said: "Despite hundreds of reported fires and numerous reviews, the UK's product safety system is still broken and potentially threatening the lives of millions of consumers."

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