Feb 26, 2018

Sony phone adds rumble to games and films

Sony's latest top-end smartphone vibrates in time with movie and TV action scenes and video games. "Taking on Apple and Samsung requires eye-watering investment that Sony is always going to struggle with." Sony has now trumped that by delivering its 960 frames-per-second footage in 1080p - twice the resolution that its South Korean competitor offers. Sony has denied that it is actively considering spinning off or shutting down the unit. "As you can see from our announcements and presence at Mobile World Congress, we are fully committed to the mobile sector," marketing chief Hideyuki Furumi told the BBC. "As long as Sony remains committed to the electronics business, mobile will be of strategic significance due to its R&D prospects for delivering numerous cutting-edge technologies such as 5G networks, the internet-of-things and 3D-sensing."

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