Mar 5, 2018

Cadbury's and Jaguar shut plants after water pipes burst

Jaguar Land Rover and Cadbury's-owner Mondelez have both shut down plants in the Midlands due to water shortages caused by burst pipes in the region. Severn Trent Water is working to fix water supply problems caused by the big thaw after recent cold weather. Mondelez said there is no water supply to its manufacturing site in Bournville but said: "Our supply of chocolate is not immediately impacted." The water supplier said it had seen nearly a 4,000% increase in reports of burst pipes. "As well as bringing in extra teams and tankers, and ramping up production at our treatment works so we can continue to keep schools, hospitals, homes and vulnerable customers on supply, we've worked closely with Jaguar Land Rover to manage their water usage, which helps us prioritise household supplies."

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