Mar 22, 2018

Facebook data - do we get what we deserve?

In the wake of the furore, Facebook has promised to take a tougher line with apps and others who want to mine the mountain of data the social network has stockpiled about its two billion active users. As others have pointed out, even if you delete your Facebook data, it will still keep track of you via those friends and acquaintances who keep using the social network. In a widely shared story, Josh Constine at news site Tech Crunch detailed the many different ways over the last 10 years that the site had gathered too much data and shared it too widely. Doesn't our data help sell ads and keep sites free to use? Customer confidence had been "Shaken" by this week's revelations and would be only restored if companies showed more clearly what was being done with data they held, he told the BBC. Steps to restore this trust would include ring-fencing data and stopping the third-party trade in data, said Ofri ben Porat, head of ad firm Pixoneye.

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