Mar 4, 2018

Mini power plants smooth out UK’s energy landscape

Could the engineer's company, UK Power Reserve, start up one of its small gas power units to help? The episode showed how small, flexible power plants are now bridging the supply gaps, especially at a local level, between intermittent renewables and Britain's fleet of large, but slow-to-fire-up, gas and coal plants. Proponents of renewable power, which accounted for just over 29 per cent of the UK's electricity generation last year, argue that battery storage will help smooth out the peaks and troughs. "There is a strong need for flexible generation in the GB power market given the continuing growth in intermittent renewables," said Simon Virley, head of Power & Utilities at KPMG and a former government energy adviser. The government's latest capacity auction last month, through which companies bid for subsidy contracts to deliver power at peak times, saw small new gas plants among the big winners.

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