Mar 12, 2018

Virgin Media extends fibre network to countryside

The company has agreed to build a network in Hampshire's Dun Valley, south-west of London, to connect 4,000 remote homes in what could be the first strike in a major push into rural areas. The cable company is midway through its £3bn Project Lightning investment to upgrade and expand its network to 17m homes but has never branched out into remote areas that often suffer the worst broadband services. The lack of investment from the major telecoms companies in the countryside has led to the rise of a number of specialist and local providers with £500m raised to invest in rural full-fibre networks last year. Mr Evans said the are 7m homes that would not have been viable for Virgin Media but that new techniques including "Mole ploughing", whereby cables are buried along hedges and farmland to reach remote homes, have lowered costs. Mr Evans said it is exploring a number of rural opportunities in areas adjacent to its network in all parts of the country.

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