Apr 26, 2018

Facebook threw us under bus, says data firm Cubeyou

The allegations are similar to the way political consultancy Cambridge Analytica exploited the data of about 87 million Facebook users. The scandal rocked the social media firm and was one of the issues that led to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg being grilled by US senators. Cubeyou says it "Played by the book" with Mr Treu telling the BBC's Asia Business Report that the firm had been a certified Facebook partner for six years and had invested heavily in the platform. "We are looking for a partnership here and their behaviour obviously shows otherwise so it doesn't make any business sense for us to keep partnering with Facebook, unless they are changing completely their attitude," he said. The comments came as Facebook revealed quarterly sales rose by nearly 50% in the social media giant's first results since the privacy scandal over users' data emerged.

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