Apr 4, 2018

Google search chief hired by Apple after Siri set-backs

Apple has hired Google's former head of search and artificial intelligence to lead its machine learning and AI strategy. John Giannandrea will report directly to chief executive Tim Cook, the New York Times reported on Tuesday. Mr Giannandrea joined Google in 2010 after it acquired the search start-up Metaweb, where he had served as chief technology officer. The company's strong stance on protecting user data, as well as its secrecy, are thought to pose a challenge to machine learning - something that Apple has denied. "Apple keeps more user data on the device, and sends less to its servers, than Google, Amazon or Facebook," Martin Garner, senior vice president of CCS Insight, told the BBC. "That's good for users, but it means it has less detailed data for training its AI models than the other players."

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