May 9, 2018

HSBC rolls out facial recognition for mobile

HSBC's corporate clients can now log into their bank accounts with a glance after the bank introduced facial recognition technology for its mobile customers. Last year Lloyds Banking Group began piloting fingerprint and facial recognition technology, while HSBC's online banking business First Direct in November rolled out Face ID for retail customers who own an iPhone X. Face ID works by analysing more than 30,000 reference points on a user's face and creating a 3D "Depth map". According to researchers at online identity-checking service Onfido, potential fraudsters seeking to get past complex facial recognition technology would need a large number of data points from a victim's face to create an advanced 3D model and access an account - which would be a very time-consuming task. HSBC customers can already log in to their mobile banking accounts using Touch ID fingerprint recognition technology and voice recognition technology. Face ID will become available on more phones as new devices that include facial recognition features are released.

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