Jun 19, 2018

Facebook ordered to explain deleted profile

Facebook has been ordered by a UK high court judge to reveal who told it to delete the profile of a jazz musician and his band, six months after he died. "It's that feeling, you lose someone you love and you try to hang onto everything, and then something happens and you can't explain that either and nobody knows, none of the friends, none of the family," Ms Sabados told the BBC. "Lots of Mirza's profile included me and our travels, our photos, music he shared, some for me, some for friends, his profile stated that he was in a relationship with me - they could have dropped me an email to check." Ms Sabados said she spent a year talking to Facebook before pursuing legal action. Ms Sabados' lawyer Greg Callus from the law firm 5BR confirmed to the BBC that Facebook is now required to provide the details under what is legally known as a Norwich Pharmacal Order - where Facebook is innocent but may have information about a third party who could be involved in wrongdoing. "We want Facebook to say exactly what their process is when they receive such a request - behind that profile was a human being and there are lots of people affected, a circle of friends who love that person."

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