Jul 11, 2018

Five questions on data privacy in UK politics

The investigation is now "The largest of its type by any data protection authority", according to the Information Commissioner's Office, which fined Facebook £500,000, the maximum possible under old data protection laws, for the leak to Cambridge Analytica. It also says it has approached "Key data brokers operating in the UK supplying data to political parties", including credit rating agencies and data management firms. It is also looking into "Whether and how Vote Leave transferred the personal data of UK citizens outside the UK and whether this was in breach of the Data Protection Act 1998, and whether that personal data has also been unfairly and unlawfully processed". As for Remain, the ICO is still looking into the collection and sharing of personal data by the official Remain campaign, better known as Britain Stronger in Europe, and "a linked data broker". These include a call for a statutory code of practice for the use of personal data in political campaigns; independent audits after referendums to make sure campaigns delete personal data; and all digital political advertising to be archived in an open repository so that the data underpinning it can be analysed.

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