Jul 23, 2018

Sign-language hack lets Amazon Alexa respond to gestures

That is the question posed by developer Abhishek Singh, the creator of an app that allows Amazon Alexa to respond to sign language. Mr Singh's project offers one potential solution - rigging Amazon's Alexa to respond in text to sign language. A comprehensive way to automatically translate sign language into text or speech, and vice versa, has remained elusive, however. Jeffrey Bigham, an expert in human-computer interaction from Carnegie Mellon University, says Mr Singh's project is "a great proof of concept" but a system fully capable of recognising sign language would be hard to design "As it requires both computer vision and language understanding that we don't yet have". Aine Jackson, of the British Deaf Association, says that, with the increase in voice-assisted technologies, many developments are leaving deaf sign language users behind.

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