Aug 3, 2018

Sky farmers

In a country where access to fields is often difficult for tractors and even planes, drones are showing great potential. In India, a similar pilot project on cotton farms was revealed by state authorities in May. A few years ago, Stelios Kotakis and colleagues at market research firm IHS Markit projected that there would be around 400,000 shipments of drones to firms in the agriculture and forestry sectors in 2017. In developing countries where labour is cheaper, drones seem more commercially appealing. "In countries where manpower is cheaper, it tends to be more widely used than in countries like the US and UK," says Philippe Simard at Simactive, a firm that provides software to process imagery from drones and satellites. For large farms, clocking consistent increases in yield and improved financial returns as a result of drones is still futuristic.

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