Aug 20, 2018

Uber and Deliveroo drivers 'more likely to crash'

The study does not focus on any one particular company, although Uber and Deliveroo are both named as examples of companies that enable gig-economy work - where employees are not paid a salary but instead get money for each job completed. "As more workers enter the economy and competition rises, the number of hours they need to work and distances they must travel to earn a stable income both increase," she said. Uber's community guidelines advise that drivers should not text while driving and should take a break if they feel tired. A spokesman for Deliveroo said the company "Has led the way in putting safety at the heart of how we work with riders." "In previous years, the UK had a good road safety record, but deregulation over the last few years has left self-employed couriers and taxi drivers at an increased risk of exploitation," said co-author Nicola Christie.

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