Sep 20, 2018

Bodyguard: How come ITV sold the BBC hit to Netflix?

BBC One Drama Bodyguard has been such a hit that Netflix now wants in. "The market for programmes and series is getting increasingly competitive because we have many more players who are eager to get their hands on premium content," Buckley tells the BBC. "They include Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and YouTube - its important for the BBC and ITV to up their game and compete for the talent and the projects that will hopefully be hits." "BBC Studios is a relatively new business - there used to BBC Worldwide, which was the commercial arm who would sell programmes made by BBC, Channel 4 and ITV," Buckley explains. "There is now a fully commercialised production entity, which is good for the BBC because it means that they are not only producing for the BBC but for other broadcasters - the idea is that the best ideas win and if the BBC doesn't want a certain programme they can make it for someone else." "In the old days, the BBC would make a show and sell it round the world - now they need to be able to greenlight a project quicker because other companies like Netflix and Amazon have big chequebooks."

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