Sep 14, 2018

Mike Ashley harshly criticises Sports Direct shareholders

Mike Ashley, the billionaire majority owner and chief executive of Sports Direct, has accused the company's external shareholders of having "Stabbed Sports Direct and myself in the back by repeatedly hounding" its former chairman Keith Hellawell. "Despite significant challenges within the retail sector in the UK and beyond, which have resulted in many retailers failing, Sports Direct has continued to perform well and exceed market expectations," the entrepreneur said. Despite that performance, "The company's shareholders appear to be affected by the pressure of the media and certain other organisations, and they have failed to support Sports Direct, Keith and myself, on this journey." Shareholders had "Now made it extremely challenging for future engagement to take place", Mr Ashley said. "It is blatantly apparent that true entrepreneurs will never be accepted in the public arena. The media circus surrounding Sports Direct, including but not restricted to matters connected to our , only proves that whatever progress Sports Direct makes, it will always be subject to disproportionate scrutiny and misrepresentation."

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