Sep 25, 2018

Qualcomm claims Apple shared tech with Intel

US chipmaker Qualcomm has accused Apple of sharing its technology with rival suppliers including Intel in a theft intended to improve the performance of non-Qualcomm chips. In the new court filing, Qualcomm said Apple developed an "Intricate plan" to steal and share proprietary information over several years, with the aim of cutting costs and increasing its leverage over Qualcomm. Apple engineers are alleged to have supplied Intel staff with Qualcomm's confidential source code with the aim of improving the performance of Intel chips, despite a contract intended to restrict access to the technology, according to the filing. For years, Qualcomm supplied Apple with items such as processors for its iPhones and other hardware, but Apple has favoured Intel more recently. Qualcomm supplies "Us with a single connectivity component, but for years have been demanding a percentage of the total cost of our products - effectively taxing Apple's innovation", Apple said then.

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