Sep 5, 2018

Scottish Gin Society rapped over Facebook adverts

A gin appreciation society has been left with a sour taste in its mouth after falling foul of advertising regulators. Complaints over 10 "Light-hearted" Facebook posts by the Scottish Gin Society have been upheld by the Advertising Standards Authority. The ASA acknowledged the captions had been "Presented in a light-hearted tone" but "Still implied that gin could help people overcome emotional problems, and treat depression and pain, and that the ads therefore suggested that gin had therapeutic qualities and could help to treat health conditions". The gin society had argued its Facebook posts did not fall within the remit of the ASA as they did not sell or promote any products or receive income from the sale of third-party products. The authority said it considered the posts were subject to advertising rules, because they were "Directly connected to the promotion of the Scottish Gin Society's membership service and the intention to sell gin, which was therefore directly connected to the supply of Scottish gin".

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