Oct 4, 2018

Why staff at McDonald's, TGIs and Wetherspoons are striking

Lauren Townsend, who has worked as a waitress at a TGIs in Milton Keynes since 2010, earns £7.83 an hour - which is the minimum wage for over 25s. She thinks a wage of £10 an hour "Would be enough for everybody to support themselves". University student Elsie Bradley Middle has worked at a Wetherspoons in Brighton since September last year. Lauren McCourt, who worked in a McDonald's in Manchester from September 2016 until May, is joining the rally to support her former colleagues. "Elsie, who works about 20 to 25 hours a week at the pub, adds:"We have quite a high staff turnover. Lauren Townsend says TGIs tells workers they are not on a zero-hours contract.

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