Nov 3, 2018

Facebook sorry for 'white supremacist ad'

Facebook has apologised after it approved an ad campaign targeted at people interested in a conspiracy theory favoured by white nationalists. In a tweet, Damian Collins, the chair of the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee, called Facebook's approval of the ad campaign "Appalling and irresponsible". "Once again, the site has only taken action when someone else has brought it to their attention," Mr Collins told the BBC. "The Facebook ad check service is currently operating far below the standards we should expect from a company of that size and wealth." The Intercept's findings come more than a year after Facebook pledged to prevent advertisers on its platform from targeting anti-Semitic users, in the aftermath of a similar revelation by US media outlet ProPublica. After The Intercept contacted Facebook for comment, the social media giant deleted the targeting category and apologised.

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