Dec 7, 2018

Makram Azar goes media shy

Makram Azar has kept his head down since leaving Barclays, where he chaired banking operations across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, in the summer. Azar's departure from Barclays was unconnected, the bank said, pointing instead to his desire to spend more time with his family. The same Natacha Tannous who was a Deutsche banker, Goldman Sachs banker and is now a fintech exec as well as being the partner of former German football star Michael Ballack. As Deutsche Bank reels from a succession of scandals - from its involvement in the Danske Bank money laundering scandal to the new Panama Papers raids - one internal communications exec thought now was a good time to motivate staff with a clear message: "There are no bad apples on a healthy tree," read the email - with a helpful picture of a rotten apple and a shiny green one to ram the point home. Having endured weeks of long nights putting together the Bank of England's no-deal Brexit scenarios, central bank staff might have been hoping to relax a little as the festive season starts, perhaps with a glass or two of the Old Lady's finest champagne.

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