Jan 22, 2019

Dyson to move head office to Singapore

"We would describe ourselves as a global technology company and in fact we have been a global company for some time. Most successful companies these days are global." Dyson already has a presence in Singapore and in October announced plans to build its new electric car in its new factory there. Mr Rowan said it would be spending £200m in new buildings and testing facilities in Hullavington, and £44m in refreshing office space and adding new laboratories in Malmesbury as well as investing £31m for the young undergraduates at its university on the same site. "The tax difference is negligible for us," added Mr Rowan, who confirmed that the company would be registered in Singapore, rather than in the UK. "We are taxed all over the world and we will continue to pay tax in the UK.". Company founder Sir James Dyson has been in favour of Brexit, but Mr Rowan confirmed that Britain's departure from the EU would have little impact on the firm and that they had not made any contingency plans.

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