Apr 2, 2019

Starbucks to pay staff tuition fees

Starbucks is offering to pay tuition fees for UK staff wanting to get a degree from a US university. The Pret A Manger sandwich chain has said that only one in 50 applicants for its jobs is British, raising concerns about staffing if there are fewer workers available from the EU. Starbucks is offering to pay tuition fees for staff while they carry on working for the firm. Martin Brok, Starbucks' European president, said the firm would "Pick up the bill" for staff who have missed out on going to university or who "Had to put their studies on hold". Starbucks has attracted criticism over its tax affairs - but a spokeswoman said the firm paid its taxes in full and when all its companies were included, it paid corporation tax in the UK at an effective rate of 25.3%. Michael Crow, president of the Arizona State University, said the arrangement with teaching staff from the coffee chain was a step forward in providing "An education to all who desire to learn". A review of tuition fees is currently considering whether they are too high for universities in England, with suggestions they could be reduced from the current £9,250 per year.

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