Apr 25, 2019

What the Airbnb surge means for UK cities

Properties available to book on Airbnb have rocketed in a number in major UK cities, leading to fears of "Hollowed out communities" as tourists flock in. "Airbnb is the only platform that voluntarily works with UK cities to help hosts share their homes, follow the rules and pay tax. Other platforms and providers need to step up and follow our lead," the company said. Nearly 80,000 rooms or homes in London are listed on Airbnb - more than any other UK city, according to figures from housing advocacy site Inside Airbnb analysed by the BBC. Just over 12,000 are listed in Edinburgh, but the effect is greater than in London as this accounts for a much bigger proportion of the city's property and population. Edinburgh's 12,000 listings work out to around one Airbnb property for every 42 residents, while London's Airbnb market equates to one listing per 112 residents. Many tourists applaud Airbnb for the opportunity to visit cities without paying large city hotel rates.

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