May 13, 2019

Five new things about online campaigning

Pro-Jeremy Corbyn messages went viral online - particularly on Facebook - and were seen and shared by far more people than Conservative ones. During the 2017 campaign some posts got tens of thousands of shares on Facebook but given the algorithm changes - along with the usual ebb in political engagement outside of general elections - it's highly unlikely that these numbers will be reached in 2019. The new plans include adding end-to-end encryption to all messaging services, "Reducing the permanence" of content posted on Facebook, and merging elements of Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp. In closed groups it is much harder for regulators, researchers and journalists to observe what is going on.3) Facebook's ad archives. Thanks to Facebook's archive, we know for example that pro-EU campaign groups have spent more money on Facebook advertising than pro-Brexit ones since last October.

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