Jun 13, 2019

BBC and Sky step up efforts to counter Netflix

The BBC and Sky are both stepping up their efforts to counter the growing threat posed by the video streaming services of Netflix and Amazon. Jeremy Darroch, Sky chief executive, called the move a "Clear signal of Comcast's belief in our commitment to producing the best original content in Europe". Although Sky and the BBC are historic rivals, the latter is also seeking to challenge the dominance of Netflix in the video streaming market. On Wednesday, the BBC won provisional approval from Ofcom, the UK media regulator, to extend how long its programmes are available on the iPlayer service from just 30 days after their initial screening to a year. The move, which is now open to consultation from other broadcasters for a month, would transform iPlayer from a catch-up service to a streaming platform in its own right, a demand the public service broadcaster made in the face of increasingly dominant global media companies.

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