Jun 6, 2019

NSA warns Microsoft Windows users of cyber-attack risk

The US National Security Agency has warned Microsoft Windows users to make sure they are using updated systems to guard against cyber-attacks. In the advisory, NSA officials said a flaw known as "BlueKeep" exists in past editions of Microsoft Windows. Updating systems, as the Microsoft executives explained, helps to protect computer users from these kinds of cyber-attacks. EternalBlue has been implicated in a range of cyber-attacks over the past three years, including the WannaCry assault that disrupted the UK's NHS. A senior NSA adviser, Rob Joyce, tweeted on his own account that some computer users could face a "Significant risk" because of the vulnerabilities in the older versions of Microsoft Windows, but that they would be protected by updates. In a more general sense, NSA officials have been under fire for not sharing important information about their activities with the public, and Mr Joyce is trying to change that image by communicating directly with Microsoft users on social media - and explaining to them the dangers they face.

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