Jun 14, 2019

Tech Tent: Facebook’s deepfake dilemma

The video was of course faked, and on this week's Tech Tent we examine the dilemma it posed for Instagram's owner Facebook. "We're shining the light on Facebook and Zuckerberg himself to ask what happens now when it's your privacy and your data that's been used in obscure or unintended ways" he said. Unsurprisingly, Facebook did not remove the video, It said it followed the same policy as with the Nancy Pelosi video and other misinformation on its services - let third party fact-checkers determine whether it was fake, and then make it less visible in users' feeds rather than taking it down. The call for regulation of Facebook and the other US tech giants is getting louder - from Europe in particular. Hermann Hauser has one radical solution to the huge power and dominant market share of Google, Amazon and Facebook - break them up.

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