Jul 25, 2019

Facebook 'rocked to its very foundations'

AFP Facebook has admitted that it was "Rocked to its very foundations" by the Cambridge Analytica scandal. AFP. Sir Nick said this was all part of the challenges facing Facebook in earning back the public's trust. The former deputy prime minister and leader of the Liberal Democrats said he joined Facebook because he is convinced that the culture is changing and that lawmakers need to have a serious conversation about "Whether data-intensive companies like Facebook allow other companies to share and use data". "Facebook was rocked to its very foundations by the Cambridge Analytica allegations, and since then, well before the FTC settlement announced today, Facebook has been trying to strike a better balance - allowing developers to use better data, so that it's not all hoarded by Facebook, but to do so in a much, much safer way, so that we avoid things like Cambridge Analytica ever happening again," he said. "I think Facebook has learned the hard way that if you allow access to data for developers and academics in a way that isn't properly controlled, people's privacy can be abused."

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