Jul 24, 2019

Facebook uses AI to map Thailand's roads

Facebook has used artificial intelligence to map 300,000 miles of previously unmapped roads in Thailand and made the results available to the public. The project had been completed in 18 months, less than half the time it would have taken 100 mapping experts to do it manually, Facebook said. The tool used for the project, Map With AI, is now being made available to all and includes access to AI-generated maps of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda. "Talking about the new AI tool, Martijn van Exel, a long time contributor to OSM, said:"This is definitely going to be a key part of the future of OSM. "We can never map the world, and keep it mapped, without assistance from machines." "OSM is a people project and the map is a reflection of mappers' interests, skills, biases, et cetera."

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