Aug 9, 2019

Mark Tucker, a Zen master wielding the axe

Mark Tucker abandoned his dream of becoming a professional footballer after realising he was not good enough to make it to the top. While the ejection of John Flint after just 18 months in the role sent shockwaves through the conservative company, it did not surprise those who know Mr Tucker best. Edmund Tse, chairman of AIA, recalls that Mr Tucker had "No patience for non-performers" when he was chief executive of the Asian insurer between 2010 and 2017. A broad-shouldered, imposing man with a gait that one former employee likens to a "Charging bull", Mr Tucker is known to have a short fuse. Nor is Mr Tucker a clubbable type who particularly enjoys socialising with other City of London grandees or hobnobbing with the global financial elite.

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