Sep 20, 2019

Conservative Party targets over-45s with Facebook Brexit ads

In mid-September, the Conservative Party was running 691 adverts classed as active by Facebook, more than any other political party in the UK. Many of the ads are identical, or minor variations on a theme, run multiple times. In addition to the adverts funded by the central Conservative Party, some local Conservative associations have paid for and published ads accusing opposition leaders of "Plotting" against Brexit. A Conservative Party official said: "Political parties run ads to a range of different audiences, including policy-specific ones. Advert targeting will also be affected by who has engaged most with a specific advert." In direct contrast to the Conservative Party's, the Liberal Democrats' ads are about stopping Brexit and are mostly being seen by people under the age of 45. This includes ads run by parties' main Facebook pages, party leaders' pages, and national party pages for Scotland and Wales.

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