Oct 6, 2019

Facebook encryption: Should governments be given keys to access our messages?

Governments in the UK, US and Australia have asked Facebook, in an open letter, to roll back plans to bring end-to-end encryption to all of its platforms. The real issue is the fact that Facebook will no longer be able to police its own content, it said. It pointed to the fact that last year Facebook sent 12 million reports of child exploitation or abuse to the US's National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and it would no longer be able to do this if it had encryption on all its platforms. He was keen to point out that the fact there was so much child abuse imagery reported via Facebook did not indicate that Messenger, the name of Facebook's direct messaging service, was the preferred platform for it, more that Facebook had become very good at finding it and sending it on. Would it be easy for Facebook to give police a backdoor?

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