Nov 12, 2019

Royal Mail fails to halt record £50m Ofcom fine

Royal Mail has failed to have a record £50m fine from Ofcom overturned. "An Ofcom spokesperson said:"We found that Royal Mail pursued a deliberate strategy of pricing discrimination against Whistl, which was its only major competitor for delivering business mail. Ofcom's investigation had found that Royal Mail price rises in 2014 meant any wholesale customers, such as Whistl, which wanted to compete with it would have to pay higher prices in the remaining areas where it used Royal Mail for delivery. PA. Royal Mail did not immediately comment on Tuesday's decision, but at the time, it said it had raised prices to protect the Universal Service, which means post is charged at the same rate, regardless of where it is sent across the UK. Unlike its competitors, it is required to continue providing such pricing. Royal Mail says the the strike ballot "Was unlawful and null and void", but the Communications Workers Union "Refutes" Royal Mail's claim.

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