Dec 18, 2019

Apple, Google and Amazon decide to 'play nice' over smart home tech

The highly competitive tech giants Apple, Google and Amazon have announced they are teaming up in an effort to make smart home tech easier to use. The firms, along with the Zigbee Alliance, will work together so that smart home products are compatible with many different smartphones and voice assistants. In recent years, the tech giants have been fiercely vying for dominance over smart home tech - with Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant often considered to have carved up the lion's share of products. To take an example, Hive does not yet have Apple HomeKit integration, which would allow its wide range of smart home products to be used with Siri and the iPhone's Home app, despite having promised to add the functionality for years. He said Context research showed that the most important reason consumers gave for the purchase of smart home products was "To give me peace of mind to know that my home is secure".

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