Dec 5, 2019

Apple iPhone 11 Pro 'can override location settings'

Apple's flagship iPhone 11 Pro tracks users' locations even when they have set it not to, a security researcher has discovered. The company has made big play of the fact that it allows users granular control over sharing their location - so for instance they can have location switched on for Maps but off for everything else. "One of the more curious behaviours of Apple's new iPhone 11 Pro is that it intermittently seeks the user's location information even when all applications and system services on the phone are individually set to never request this data," Mr Krebs wrote on his blog. An engineer replied: "We do not see any actual security implications. It is expected behaviour that the locations services icon appears in the status bar when location services is enabled," adding that some system services "Do not have a switch in Settings". In a report from Associated Press, a Princeton University researcher tracked his daily commute and found that Google saved location markers even though location history had been turned off.

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