Dec 13, 2019

Where the money is really made at Amazon

AWS Andy Jassy may not be famous like his boss Jeff Bezos, but he runs Amazon Web Services, perhaps the most important part of the Amazon empire. Speaking to the BBC at the annual AWS event in Las Vegas, Mr Jassy said the decision was dangerous, as Amazon had "The best possible technology infrastructure platform". In early December, a Bloomberg report suggested that the Federal Trade Commission had broadened its scrutiny of Amazon beyond its e-commerce operations to include AWS. The report suggested that the FTC was investigating whether AWS was discriminating against companies that also work with other cloud providers, and prioritising those that work with AWS exclusively. Cloud companies store data in their own data centres, and Amazon is no different; the issue is that these data centres are energy hungry, consuming about 2% of electricity worldwide, and contributing to 0.3% of global carbon emissions, according to Nature. "The environment is an obviously critical issue for the future of our planet, and to make it inhabitable for our grandkids, and Amazon has made a very aggressive set of goals that I'm not sure you've seen others take," Mr Jassy claimed.

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