Jan 23, 2020

Apple says losing Lightning port will create waste

Apple says being forced to abandon the Lightning connector used on its iPhones would create an "Unprecedented amount of electronic waste". While the latest Android phones have a USB-C port, Apple's iPhones still use the proprietary Lightning port. Apple says the move would create more waste by making Lightning-compatible accessories obsolete. Apple introduced its Lightning port in 2012, taking advantage of a loophole that let it design its own port, as long as it offered a micro-USB adaptor for sale. "It's becoming increasingly difficult to understand why Apple insists on using the Lighting port, when the industry is standardising around USB-C, and Apple itself has numerous devices that use USB-C," Ben Wood, an analyst at the CCS Insight consultancy, told the BBC. "The flip side is that there is a large base of chargers, accessories, speakers and docks that people have invested in that would become obsolete."

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